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What a View Farm


Nine years ago, my husband and I purchased a little piece of heaven, nestled in what is known as “the Horse Capital of the World,” located just north of Ocala, Florida. As the breeders of Thoroughbred race horses, we secured 22 acres that would be an idyllic setting for raising mares and foals and rehabilitating the equine athlete.

In this time, our farm has produced many winners at the track, including the winner of the $150,000 Tremont Stakes in 2017. We have a small band of mares and we enjoy the arrival of foals every spring. Lots of time, research and consideration goes into planning each breeding, something my husband and I are both extremely passionate about.

My husband, Nathan, is a second generation Veterinarian, brought to Ocala 20 years ago by the horse industry. He is one of the partners at Peterson Smith Equine Hospital and he specializes in equine sports medicine and lameness.

Once an avid rider and equestrian, my passion has changed gears since the birth of our daughters, Heidi and Nadia and I now enjoy competing and breeding my Vizslas.  This is a love that runs deep.  With each breeding, we hope to produce beautiful dogs with great temperaments, who have both drive and versatility, and that will live long, healthy lives as companions for their families.
With a shared love of  horses and dogs, my husband and I are very fortunate to share our passion.


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